zondag 19 maart 2017

Time for some feathers!

Keeping with the mythical creatures theme I wanted to do one with Feathers and I wanted to make an image that would work for boys and girls that love fantasy!

It's a Gryphon :D half eagle, half lion!
And there are tons of feathers on this one!!

In the shop now!

and we love feathers don't we Wanda?

The first colors that probably come into your mind are gold and brown tones cause who has seen an eagle or a lion in any other color right?
Well I thought the same but after chatting with Wanda a bit we decided to make 1 golden and 1 colorfull gryphon!

Here is Wanda's brown-golden gryphon on an amazing card:

Wanda's Blog:
Wanderful Creations

and here is the color gryphon:


So I wanted him to look magical and mysterious with deep blue and green tones!
It was a challenge thats for sure and it didn't look right untill it was finnished, I suppose thats why Alyce(kit and clowder) always tells us to never stop half way.

Copics used:
Blues: B39, 37, 26, 34, 32, 00
Greens: G29, 28, 05, 02, 00
Gold: YR27, 23, Y21, 11
To get more definition in the feathers on his chest I use W9 for cast shadows and white gelpen for the center.

Distress inks used for the background piece: Peacock feathers, Broken China, Mustardseed and a very little bit of spiced marmelade.

I really hope you like my crazy colored gryphon! 
I cant wait to see this one in all kinds of colors!

Who is up for the challenge?
What about purple with gold,
or from pink to orange to yellow for the girls,
or fiery red with a black beak and claws?!


donderdag 16 maart 2017

Nathalies Blog

So this months blogpost is made by Nathalie! 
She made a lovely card using En'twin'ed :)

All details can be found on her blog:

En'twin'ed can be bought here:

zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Another mythical digi stamp!

This weekend I have another mythical themed digi stamp for you!

Mermaid Serena

Serena likes me loves Dolphins! They are my favourite animals!

I went to the Dolfinarium last year with my mom, grandma and aunt, and I just can watch them forever. 💜🐬💙

and this is an old photo it was made on my 18th birthday(26 now) and one of the best gifts I ever got :) Loved being so close to them!

But lets get back to the new stamp! Sorry I can get carried away when it comes to Dolphins! Haha

Mermaid Serena was colored up by Nathalie and Sara!

Nathalie actually colored her up 10 times!! Can you believe it! and she used my favourite colors purple, pink and teal :)
She made a wonderfull box which holds 6 cards, a bookmark, a thank you card and a sticky note holder inside!

To see pictures of all the cards please visit her blog: Mermaid Fenicia

Sara made an awesome card I would have never thought of myself its so clever! Love the window style and to top it off she made it a shaker card!

Sara's Blog: Pyper Creations

Thank you for reading!
Here is the link to the shop:
Mermaid Serena in Shop