woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Lily Rose

Originally written: july 4th 2016 on http://sabrinastamps.blogspot.nl/

Morning everyone!

I had a lovely morning today, waking up and finding out that my card and colored roses for Alyce from Kit and Clowder safely arrived in Australia!

Now I finally get to share my new image with you!
She wont be uploaded in my shop just yet because she needs a name first!

I asked Alyce to name her if she likes to.
But I still even without a name I just had to share her with all of you now!

So for now the girl in the rosepetal dress:

Edit: Alyce just named her Lily Rose

I didn't write down my colors used but this is what I remember:
Skin: E04/11/21/00/00
Hair: E18/15/YR23/Y21
Dress; R89/85/83/81 and RV100 
In the top I only used the lightest colors adding a darker tone as I got to the bottom.

And some Close-Ups of the card details:

Edit: She is added to my shop: 

Thanks for reading!
Hope you like her!



Feathers - Inspiration

Originally written: june 4th 2016 on http://sabrinastamps.blogspot.nl/

Feathers without her feathers.. haha
The no wings version of my new digi stamp made it onto a card today :)

Both my stamps come with and without the little headband you see here.

I colored her with copics as always :)

Colors used:
Skin: E04, 11, 21, 00, 000
Purple: V09, 06, 04, 01
Hair: W05, 03, E40
Dress: E47, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40
Yellow/Gold: YR23, Y21, 11

I drew in the gold markings on her face and arm while coloring these are not part of the digital stamp. I hope this card will be an inspiration :)

Find the two stamps here:



Originally written: june 1st 2016 on http://sabrinastamps.blogspot.nl/

Hey all,

Today I'd like you to meet Feathers.

Feathers isn't just any girl, she has eagle wings!
This girl is inspired by the Native American culture.
I love dreamcatchers, feathers, fringed skirts and this girl represents that part of me.

I colored her in lovely earthtones in combination with turqouise.

Colors used:
Turquoise: BG49 45 10
Wings: E29 18 15 13 11
Skin: E04 11 21 00 000 R20 Lips: R22 20

Dress: E35 33 51 50

And yes this is the second digi with braided hair, what can I say I love braids. I wear my braided most of the time and I love all the different styles you can do with that. This braid would be created using 4 strands. 1 small braid and 3 regular strands :)

Now I love wings but I know there are people out there looking for a little more neutral style so she also comes without wings.

Hope you like her!

Happy coloring :)




Originally written: april 9th 2016 on http://sabrinastamps.blogspot.nl/


As promised my second digi stamp is available in my etsy shop now!

These 2 girls are inseparable!
They would make a great sister, twin or best friend card!


I also think they make a great image for those who are practising their hair coloring!

Would love to see what hair color combo's you come with for these girls.

I colored them with copics, my colors used are:
Blonde hair: E18,15, YR23, Y21, 11 - Brown hair: E29, 37, 35, 33, 51

Skin: E4, 11, 21, 00, 000 - Pink: R89, 85, 83, 81
Grey: W7, 5, 3, 1 (white gelpen) - Groud: E 43, 42, 41

I made this card for my best friend :) Just to say hey :)
Hope she likes it!

The digital stamp is available at my etsy shop and comes as JPEG en PNG.



Eliza - First handmade digi stamp

Originally written: march 28th 2016 on http://sabrinastamps.blogspot.nl/

Yay!! I did it!! Happy Dance!!

Haha, sorry just had to do that :P Ok, now lets go from the start. 

I love drawing, have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. If there is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil around you'll see me doodling stuff.

Since I started colloring stamps (which is about 2 and half years ago) I saw a way to share my drawings. So I said lets make my own drawings into stamps.

Well that sure was easier said then done.

I scanned many of my drawings, but I never found the patience to redraw them digitialy. Or if I did try I was never statisfied and would delete them again.

Yesterday I finally pushed through and finished my first Digi Stamp! Yay!

I ran into some problems with the sizing, making the details to tiny to color, but at the end of the day she was done!


I went and collored her up my self and put her on a card!

Her name is Eliza
She is a fun and sassy young lady with short hair
Loves princess dresses and flowers :)

Hope you like her, she will be available for purchage in my etsy shop.
Eliza's Flower Swing


Flowers, Feathers and Fairies

Flowers, Feathers and Fairies

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I hope you enjoy your look around, the stamps are available here:

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